Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the cost to print my book?
The price per book is based on book binding, size, quantity, number of pages, and book options. Prices are provided up-front, so you can easily determine your cost. Contact us if you need a quote.
What is the difference between a printer and a publisher?
Publisher undertakes the production of a book from the manuscript stage all the way through marketing. A publisher generally pays printing expenses, helps edit and design the book, and markets or distributes the book, recouping the investment by taking a sizeable portion of profits. A printer simply prints the book.
How long will it take to receive my book proof?
We will send your proof within 2 weeks of receiving your order form, book files, and any other material needed to produce your book.
After I return my approved proof, how long will it take for my books to ship?
Normal production time is at least 6 months from the day after we receive your signed and approved cover and text proofs.
How do I know which Cover Design Package to use?
The Design Package you should use is determined by your ink color choices, whether your photos or artwork require manipulation, and whether you need us to create original artwork.
What is the cost of a custom full-color cover?
This cost is incurred by LawAfrica who design the book cover incase the author has not provided an artwork for his/her book.
Will I receive a proof of my book?
LawAfrica Publishing® provides a FREE proof of your pages and cover so you can examine and approve your book before printing. Since pages must be furnished press-ready, pages should have already been proofed and edited. There should be minimal or no corrections. Significant changes or corrections will require extra time and a new proof to ensure accurate production of your book.