Devolution In Kenya


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Devolution In Kenya: A Commentary By P L O Lumumba, Morris K Mbondenyi and Tom Kabau (Editors)

This publication is a collection of essays on the legal, policy and institutional system for devolution in Kenya. Devolved governance is among the most transformative aspects of the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, as it is deemed as the most appropriate mechanism of resolving a myriad of governance and development problems in the State. 

In that context, devolution has the objective of institutionalizing decentralization and citizen participation in governance, promoting efficiency in the provision of public services, entrenching equitable distribution of resources, eliminating marginalization of some section of society, promoting economic development, and eradicating ethnicity in politics. On that basis, the book contributors evaluate the prospects and challenges presented by the Kenyan system of devolution with regard to various governance issues including the nature of intergovernmental relations between the organs and institutions of the national and county governments, opportunities for distributive justice in the allocation of resources, and prospects for public participation in governance, among others. Important comparative lessons, from jurisdictions such as South Africa, are taken into account. The book, therefore, provides valuable insights on the theory and practice of devolved governance in Kenya, and is essential reference material for legal practitioners, policy makers, public administrators and students of law and governance.