Laws of Kenya Set


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Laws of Kenya is a 22-volume compilation of all the Laws currently in force in Kenya arranged in alphabetical order. This includes all relevant Chapters (CAP) and Yearly Acts as well as key subsidiary legislation under each law. The laws are in loose-leaf format to allow for easier updating. The compilation has a table of all Laws considered showing the action taken on each of them.
Key benefits:

Information is updated annually by means of accurate and easy-to-file service issues.
Legislation is published in 22 separate binders.
Spine cards on the exterior of each binder denote the content of each binder.
Practical features:
• Updating by means of service issues ensures that the work is always kept up-to-date.
• Comprehensive and convenient to use due to the consolidation of the Acts into alphabetical order.[Updated three times a year]
• Subscription service available to receive regular

Laws of Kenya (Updated 2017)
ISBN: 9966153289
Format Print: Loose Leaf
Edited by: LawAfrica Publishing